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livinginnuvematown :

幻想人形演舞 ( Genso Ningyo Enbu "Fantasy Puppet Dance Performance" )

Program: FocasLens
Graphics: Hemogurobin A1C
Music: Shion / a-TTTempo

Winter Comiket 2014

ah , I was acerca to ask but I got my answer … ‘or’


Also for those who have no idea when Comiket is this year, it’s Aug. 15-17.

As a close follower of Hemo’s works and the Touhoumon Series…

Information about the game can be found here

Hemo says the Demo will be available for Physical Release at Comiket 86, which should be in August. The full game will be released in Physical and Digital copy at Comiket 87, which is in December.

(Source: kwr32)

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